Przybysz is fascinated by texture, especially as it is simulated in the repetition of line and shape. Starting from a concept, she selects materials that match her vision, then allows the raw elements to “speak” to her, often pushing the image in her mind in a new direction. As she handles the materials each form interacts with the space around it to create a unique work of art.

In addition to earning a reputation as a professional artist whose work is found in galleries and collections, Przybysz continues to be passionate about teaching others how to create art, and conducts classes and workshops in her Southern California studio.

Custom Designs
Przybysz designs and crafts custom works of art on commission.

  • Sculpture
  • Textiles
  • Vessels
  • Accessories

Each piece is unique and none can be precisely replicated, though they may share colors, materials and shapes. To learn more about commissioned art by Robin Przybysz, please contact the artist.


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