Robin Przybysz

Robin Przybysz


Robin is fascinated by texture, especially as it is simulated in the repetition of line and shape. Starting from a concept, she selects materials that match her vision, then allows the raw elements to “speak” to her, often pushing the image in her mind in a new direction.

In addition to earning a reputation as a professional artist whose work is found in galleries and collections, Robin continues to be passionate about teaching others how to create art, and conducts classes and workshops in her Southern California studio.





about Robin Przybysz
Bio ImageBorn in Cincinnati, Robin Przybysz grew up involved in the arts.




At that time, Cincinnati was experiencing a renaissance in music, visual and performing arts, and television. Her family’s history in the arts involves acting, modeling, landscape architecture, sculpture, and lithography. Robin developed a career as an artist/educator.

Education ImageArt student and teacher




Robin received her Master of Fine Arts from Azusa Pacific University in 2016 with an emphasis in sculpture installation. She received her undergrad degree in Fine Arts/Art Education from the University of Cincinnati in 1986, where she returned in 1991 to serve as an adjunct professor for the Art Education department. She has spent the last three decades exhibiting her work around the world and teaching art to children of all ages.




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